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Residential Services

You might be wondering if it still makes sense to add solar to your home without the Louisiana state tax credit. Solar has changed since the state tax credits were offered.  Materials have gone down in cost, electricity has gotten MUCH more expensive, and the federal tax credit is still available.  With that in mind, our systems typically pay for themselves in about 4 years.  We offer custom energy storage solutions that will never leave you without power.  And we design the systems with the maximum Return On Investment and best aesthetics for your home. 

Solar Louisiana has been in business for 15 years.  We can walk you through the options available and design a system that meets your individual needs.  

Design and Consultation

Grid-tied, roof or ground mount, storage, financials.  You've got questions.  We've got answers.



Our trained installation techs are experience, neat and professional. 



Energy storage tech has progressed by leaps and bounds.  We can offer a cleaner, quieter and more reliable power back-up than gas generators.


Upgrades and Retrofits

If you currently have solar and want to look into battery back-up power or expand your current system, we can do that.

Solar Panels

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Todays solar can offer a better payback and more power than what homeowners received in the Louisiana Solar Hay-day.  It's not too late to save money and have individual energy independence.

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