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professional installing solar panels

Solar Louisiana

Commercial & residential solar panel installations. 

Discover Energy Independence

Solar Louisiana is a full service solar contractor.  We started installing solar in 2008.  We design, install and service our systems.  Our focus is to give you the best system possible with the highest return on your investment.  Our systems will continue to provide you with reliable low maintenance energy for years to come.  


Solar power systems are very reliable and require very little maintenance.  But if something goes wrong we are here.  We get calls to repair other systems from companies that no longer exist.  Unfortunately we are unable to work on systems from other installers at this time.

15 Years of Experience

We've done it all.  We have used most of the products on the market and know what will last and what is just hype. We know what the actual limits of the systems are and how much they will produce, from experience.  Our systematic design and real world knowledge sets us apart.

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