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Sunset on Solar Panels

Energy Independence Can Be Yours!

Generate and store your own power. Lock in your energy costs with reliable quality products and professional installation.

hands protecting house with battery backup

Never be powerless again...even during extended outages.

Batteries have come a long way. We have solutions for grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid systems that allow you to remain in comfort without feeding a gas generator.

Safe & Reliable.
Take Control of Your Power Production.

  • 25 year power warranty on solar panels.

  • Inverters come with a 10 year warranty, extendable.

  • Typical system lifespan 30+ years.

  • Near zero maintenance. 

Installing Solar Panel

Great Savings & Return on Investment

With the federal 30% tax credit, Grid-tied systems pay for themselves in 5 years or less.


Solar Louisiana is a full service solar contractor, but we don't sell solar...we sell freedom.

Starting in 2009, we've been designing, installing & servicing solar power systems that enable our customers to have independence from ever-increasing utility rates, giving them more control over their own lives.  Our focus is to give you the best system possible with the highest return on your investment.  Our systems will continue to provide you with reliable, low maintenance energy for decades to come.  

Our Services

  • Whole house

  • Battery Backups

  • Off-grid   

  • grid tied

  • All qualify for the Fed 30% tax credit!

Battery Retrofit and Upgrades

Have an existing grid-tied solar system, and want to add batteries?

We do that.

  • Reliable, predictable energy and cost.

  • 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit

  • 60% 1st year bonus depreciation (Federal and State)

  • 50% USDA REAP grant cash award available in non-metro areas

Call us. 

We can help.

Get in touch for a custom evaluation today.

Don't worry, we respect your privacy. The only people who will see your info is us.

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