Stion Panels

Stion GM.jpg

Stion panels are our favorites, though we also use others.  They're made next door in Hattiesburg, MS, and feature CIGS thin-film technology.  CIGS stands for Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, as opposed to "normal" crystalline silicon construction.  Why?  It works better. 

The unique cell architecture leads to higher kWh generation in shade conditions allowing denser deployment. Shading 50% of a Stion module leads to a 50% reduction in power output compared to a 98% output reduction for typical crystalline silicon modules.

Lower than industry average temperature coefficient leads to increased power output at high temperatures.

The convenient 2 ft X 5.5 ft form factor is approximately 50% larger than most other leading thin-film products. This form factor allows for easy handling and installation, enabling more panels per rack. The design is optimized to provide the maximum amount of power output in a package that can still be handled by one person. The anodized aluminum frame is compatible with most industry standard racking solutions.

Stion’s product is monolithically integrated and not made from individual cells. This enables streamlined high-yield production, flexibility in product design, and superior reliability. Integrating thin-film circuits on glass has a number of materials, equipment, and process advantages including:

  1. Independence from the highly variable and expensive silicon feedstock
  2. Lower consumption of materials (both direct and indirect)
  3. Fewer processing steps
  4. Use of advanced automation processes
  5. No separate assembly of individual cells into final circuit products