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Q: How do the tax credits work?

It’s surprisingly simple. You receive a bottom-line credit against taxes owed on your Federal taxes totaling 30% of the cost of your solar energy system. $100,000 solar system? $30,000 off your taxes. 

Q:  How do I get my tax credits?

We provide you a file packet along with your final invoice that consists of all documents your CPA or tax preparer will require in order for you to receive your credits.  For customers who pay Federal tax quarterlies, check with your tax advisor, you may be able to factor in your credits and take them out of your scheduled payments.

Q:  When do I have to have my system installed by in order to get my tax credits?

By December 31 of the tax year that you wish to claim the credits.

Q:  Does my homeowners insurance cover my solar power system?

Yes, in almost every case. One company we know of requires a separate rider policy for solar, but it’s cheap and easy to get. Your agent will know.