Commercial & Agriculture

Solar power for this sector has exploded.  By using a combination of the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, Bonus & Accelerated Depreciation, and the 25% cash USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grants, these cover 75-85% of the costs of the systems and allow businesses to be cash-positive on their solar energy from Day One.  

We have financing options, typically 8% for 7 years, that place a lien only on the solar equipment, so the business property & owners aren't encumbered in any way, and doesn't affect their ability to borrow from their bank or other financial avenues.  

For school districts or other non-profit entities who don't have a tax burden, third party ownership of solar power systems allow a zero-cost option to the school district, who only pay a discount for the power produced & consumed, at a savings vs. what they would have paid the utility company for the same power (typically a 25-33% savings for the life of the lease (20 years).  That money can be better used for school infrastructure, more teachers, etc.

The system owner maintains & monitors the system, and a long-term contract means that the investor can look forward to a stable 10-15% return, and the school can have stable, lower power bills.