Batteries & Energy Storage

Everybody's needs are different.  Sometimes energy storage doesn't make sense, sometimes it does.  

1)  Some customers want their own micro-grid for full independence from the utility companies

With a little planning, a whole-house solar + energy storage system can be designed that will cover a home's power needs for the next 20+years, be it in good times or the zombie apocalypse.  With lithium ion batteries, the maintenance is minimal and the life-span is long.

We've used products from:


Adara Power

Concept PowerStation247

2)  Some want a back-up for critical systems during power outages

Usually this is just to cover things like refrigerators, freezers, window unit A/Cs, CPAP machines, etc.  The main benefit is when gas/propane etc. may be hard to get, as anyone who's lived thru a hurricane already knows.

3)  Some just need a propane or NG generator to compliment their solar.

 We offer big discounts on solar/Generac combos.