30% Tax Incentives

We all like being green...but what we really like is the green in our pockets.  Here is how the tax credits work to make solar power cost effective for all Louisiana residences.

Louisiana State Tax Credit

Pretty much GONE...

30% US Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Tax Credit is a simple 30% of the total system cost, with no upper limit, against taxes owed. On a $25,000 system, the Federal credit is $7500. If a one million dollar system is installed, the owner would receive a $300,000 credit.  Any credit may be used up over continuing years, as needed to consume the total credit.  As with the State credit, this is not a deduction, it is a dollar for dollar credit against what you owe.  This credit is also easily claimed but this time you fill out the information on your federal tax form. 

All information & documentation needed for your tax credits is included with our job completion packet.  We provide you a file packet along with your final invoice that consists of all documents your CPA or tax preparer will require in order for you to receive your credits.

For customers who pay Federal tax quarterlies, check with your tax adviser, you may be able to factor in your credits and take them out of your scheduled payments.