20%+ Annual Return on Investment

COST and RETURN ON INVESTMENT:  Our policy and our best practices dictate that we design the system from a starting point that is right for you.  We can design a system to zero out your energy needs but for most of us will run out of tax credits before we zero out our energy needs.  Therefore the best starting point is to maximize the return on your investment, taking into account the cost of money.  That is to design your solar energy system to pay for itself in the shortest time frame and start making you money as soon as possible.   Every dollar you invest will pay for itself in 4 to 5 years.  That is your return on investment (ROI).   Since we give more power per dollar, our systems pay for themselves faster than any other solar contractor.

Here’s the Math:

With the current tax incentives the return on investment for a solar electric system is 4-5 years.  That is, in 4-5 years the system has paid for itself and is making you money.  As energy prices increase, the time required to pay you back decreases, making this an even smarter investment.  Here is a chart showing the return of the typical financial return for an average Solar Louisiana energy system with CURRENT energy prices:


Cash Return on Solar System, Oct 2013

So instead of taking money out of your pocket, this investment makes you money over the lifetime of the system.  



 If you were investing in the stock market and got 10% return you would be pretty happy, or a guaranteed 4% from a CD is a good rate these days, but solar with current tax incentives is much, much better.  With current tax incentives your  investment will give you a 21% return on your investment in energy savings, ANNUALLY!