We make your business more profitable. Guaranteed.

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Solar Louisiana is a full-service solar design, installation and maintenance company. We pride ourselves in maximizing our client’s financial return on their investment.



The fastest growing segment of the renewable energy market, with the best return for your investment. We can help you put your businesses taxes to work for you and decrease overhead at the same time.

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Solar still makes sense for homeowners, with a 20% Return on Investment. Let us show you how your system pays for itself in less than 5 years and offers a better and safer return than most of your investments.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Has your former solar company disappeared or moved out of state. We provide repair and maintenance for solar systems large and small.

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Our Mission

We want to see our clients pay less for power and less in taxes. In other words, happy customers.


Solar Power is all about harnessing the Sun’s rays to make you electricity and save you lots of money.